Sunday, February 21, 2010

So far behind

Here is some Christmas photos. Gavin saw santa with his preschool. He told him he wanted trains.
Taking some photos for the christmas card.
We were jumping on the bed and having a pillow fight. Bella loved it.
Our fish Thomas died. Gavin has a hard time with it. Even when we talk about it now he still gets really upset.

Gavin and I made this. Everything at my house has to be around the theme of trains. I wonder what it will be with Bella, she does love babies right now. She really liked this yogurt.
Gavin loves his trains. He was so happy when he unwrapped this gift and saw it was a train.

Bella and Gavin with the toys Santa brought them. They both loved them. Gavin actually just wanted to sit there and play and not open any gifts.
Waiting Christmas morning with the cousins. They were all very excited to see what santa brought them.