Thursday, April 16, 2009

hair cut!!!

Gavin got his first major hair cut on monday. He loves it which is all that really matters. I am still not sure, i look at him and i have a hard time loving it cause it makes him look so different to me. Plus i am not sure on how to style it if anyone has ideas let me know. 

During the hair cut i cried... it was really hard to watch all his baby hair fall to the ground 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter weekend

We had a great Easter weekend. We took a little trip and when we got home the easter bunny had put Gavin's basket in his thomas tent. 

Fun in the pool on Easter. Bella loved the pool and had a great time with all the hafer's she is going to miss all the attention. 
Oh such sweet girls

Easter egg hunt with Savi easter morning. Gav loved playing with savi he was really upset when he had to say bye to her. 

Fun at the circus circus ( dont remember the name) it was the place in vegas that is the big pink dome. The boys took all the kids there, the kids loved it but they said it was really dirty. 

Friday we hiked around Dixie cliffs ( i think that is what the name is) Gavin loved it, he did not want to leave. He kept leading us to new paths. Bella slept most of the time. 

Eating at one of our favorite burger places IN-N-OUT

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More b-day fun

Meet Thomas. He is our new pet (actually our first pet). Gavin got him for a present from Thomas the Train (the Schwarz) He was really excited even though he did ask aunt sommer "you buy this for me" Gavin is very smart. 
This note was hanging on the door for him to read then he opened the front door and there he was waiting for him. We love him and think he is a beautiful fish. 

We also dyed some eggs last night. Gavin had a lot of fun but for some reason he only liked the blue dye. His favorite color that is just like Thomas the train. 


At the Benson on Sunday having a great time. 
Drink sprite!!!
At home playing with his new soccer stuff and sporting REAL Salt Lake City. Tyson got him this great outfit when he was at the first game the other day. 
Swimming in the Benson's new pool for the first time with daddy after i got him his shorts.
I come out side and this is what his daddy let him do. 

After the Zoo

Gavin had such a great time.
Party Fun. 

Gavin and I made this cake together. I doesn't look like much but that night when i asked him what was his favorite part of the day was he said "my thomas cake". 

Kangaroo Zoo

Went to Kangaroo Zoo with some of Gavins buddies. Even the little Girls had fun on the slides.

Tyson was bored cause they have a new rule where only kids who are 150 lbs or less can play

The gang, Keili, Davie, Isaac, Ben and Gavin

Monday, April 6, 2009

Four years!!!

Gavin is 4!!! We have had a great time celebrating Gavin's b-day. First we had a party with his buddies on saturday then went swimming at grandma bensons pool and had a great time today (which is his real b-day 4-6) with grandma blom. Plus tonight the schwarzs are coming over for a little egg dying. I will post some pictures later of all the fun.