Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random fun

Grandma Benson b-day fun.

Holiday Pics

Inside view of the bag I made
The bag - a very fun and easy pattern by Amy Butler
Grandma Great with Bella
Ginger Bread House
Christmas Day
Bella's hidden
Gavin's great train photos
Uncle Poohpooh (nick)

Santa gave Gavin Geo Air

Holiday Pics

Christmas Eve
The ornaments we won 
Aunt Lacey and Isabella
Santa with cousin's - we missed Sayla she was sleeping
My santa baby
Aunt Jessica w/ Gavin and Sydney
Cousin buddies

Sugar cookie fun

Christmas at the Benson's

Gael's dress she made Bella


So i know its been a long time but here are some things that have happened. Bella Turned 4 months.(she will be 5 months on the 31) she weighed almost 15 lbs (70%) she was 26 inches (95%). She was also healthy, unlike now. Gavin and Bella both have colds. Bella's new things are holding toys, sticking out her tongue, reaching for things. She is growing up so fast. Gavin is coming along also he talks a lot better now, which i think is all from school, He still loves trains and is now using the Potty. It only took one day of accidents to make him want to use it all the time now. We had a great Christmas. First had Christmas with the Benson on monday then spent Christmas eve and Christmas at the Bloms. Gavin got a thomas rain coat, boat and umbrella from the benson and Bella got a great beautiful dress that Grandma Gael made. Gavin got an amazing gift of train pictures for his room from Grandpa Scott where he even put Gavin in one. They really complete his room. I will put pictures on when i finishing painting his room. Tyson gave me a great new foot for my sewing machine a BSR foot, it works great. My Mom made me a wonderful quilt. I love it. We had two great b-days Cody turned 16!!! Grandma Gael also had a fun one too, i made her a cool bag. Lately i have been really into sewing. i have made three quilts and a bag. i have plenty more to finish i will get some pics on soon. It really has become one of my favorite things to do. We also had Grandma & Grandpa Great in town for a week or so and that was really fun to spend time with them. Tyson has started school and we are excited for him to get that finished but we will sure miss him cause he will be very busy. One last big thing is - We are very excited to be getting a new Brother in-law and uncle this Summer. Jessica and John are engaged. :) We can't wait!